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Rimless Toilets

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Rimless Toilets

Rimless toilets are the latest trend in Australia, although have been around in Europe for some time. As the name suggests these are toilets designed without the rim. The rim is the part around the top of the toilet pan where the water traditionally flows around to clean the bowl and is often hard reach and clean.

The benefits of a rimless toilet suite are they are more hygienic, have a more powerful and efficient flushing system and are easier to clean then conventional toilets. Without the rim, grime and bacteria have nowhere to hide, so your toilet will never be cleaner! It is more hygienic as they flow of the water is splash free and precise. Less flushing saves water and less cleaning detergent is good for both you and the environment.

Add instant value to your home by installing a quality rimless toilet from Sydney Taps. When buying a rimless toilet there are two technical considerations you need to speak to your plumber about first:

Waste Trap Type

Most rimless toilets feature a universal trap which means they can installed in either an S or P Trap configuration. Check with your plumber or send us a photo of your existing toilet if you are not sure.

Water Inlet Type

You can usually choose your inlet location to match your current bathroom. Bottom Inlet (BI) enters into the bottom of the cistern (most popular in older homes) and is usually connected via a flexible hose or moulded copper pipe, where a Back Entry (BE) inlet is hidden at the top rear of the cistern.

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