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Everhard - Como Multipurpose Inset Sink 23L

Everhard - Como Multipurpose Inset Sink 23L. The Como? is equally at home in the laundry, kitchen or wet bar. Manufactured in New Zealand using 304 Stainless Steel. The Como? provides a tap landing to suit any kitchen sink mixer.
$ 375.00

Everhard - Como Multipurpose Inset Sink 23L  70073

The Como? is equally at home in the laundry, kitchen or wet bar. Manufactured in New Zealand using 304 Stainless Steel. The Como? provides a tap landing to suit any kitchen sink mixer.


  • 304 Stainless steel bowl
  • 50mm Basket plug and waste
  • Single bypass on all 2 tap hole models
  • Available in 23L and 36L  
  • Available in 0,1 & 2 Tap Hole
  • Dimensions:
    23L ? 480 x 480 x 202mm
    36L ? 540 x 540 x 290mm

After 80 years of quality and innovation Everhard is everything water.

How does a Queensland company celebrate changing the way Australians have lived for the past 80 years? By promising to keep on doing it.

The story of Everhard Industries and its epic history of innovation that parallels the growth of Australia itself.

As the home lives of families across the country began to change, a new focus was born ? a focus that saw Everhard Industries grow with then lead the provision of Australia?s water needs, ultimately Everhard became everything water.

However this classic story of hard work and success all began with a laundry tub.

InAlfred 1926 in a small Bulimba factory in Brisbane Alfred Davis created Queensland?s first laundry tub manufacturing business ? a first that only hinted at how Everhard Industries would change the way Australians designed and used wet areas in and around their homes and the way their Councils provided water services to them for the next 80 years.



In the decades that followed Alfred and three employees saw thousands of Queenslanders install one of Everhard?s classic 180kg three compartment concrete laundry tubs.


While many of those tubs are still in service 80 years after their creation, Everhard Industries is now everything water. Some 300 employees work together to produce more than 3,500 different water and wastewater products that are used across Australia and exported to New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands, South East Asia, the Middle East and South Africa.



In the face of challenges such as the factory fire of 1994 that threatened to cut the Everhard story short, Everhard Industries has continued to deliver 80 years of innovations with substantial impacts on the home lives of Australian families.

Everhard Industries was the source of two separate home design revolutions by creating Australia?s first coloured laundry tub in the 1960?s and the southern hemisphere?s first injection-moulded polymer laundry bowls in the 1970?s.


Now a national company with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Cairns and of course Brisbane, Everhard Industries continues to work toward the future of water services by providing innovative waterwise technology like the Aqua-Nova wastewater treatment system, and creating a range of environmentally friendly products such as the PL0506 Gross Pollutant Trap or ?The Nipper? to remove pollutants from stormwater pipes before it flows into local waterways.

The core characteristic of all Everhard?s everything water innovations has been their everlasting quality.

After 80 years of creating quality innovative products, Everhard Industries is still a private family-owned Australian company with both second and third generations of the Davis Family still leading Everhard?s focus on innovating the future of water and wastewater products.

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